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Gone are those days when one could watch only one channel of Doordarshan and a few regional channels as well. This is the revolution era of the entertainment industry and you can find multiple channels, serials being aired throughout the day. This need has given birth to new writers, directors, technicians and actors – and consequently courses and then media schools where such courses get conducted. This is a story of a professor and his student from a television academy – he teaches the script-writing course at this academy.

The protagonist is this girl who is unable to grasp what the professor teaches at the academy and when he realizes that, he invites her home to give her special coaching. The professor triggers off these questions in the girl’s mind – “What are the basics of writing? What is the story structure? What is imagination? What is the exact difference between real life and fiction? Discussions and counter reactions over these issues soon start making a foray into their personal lives.

The girl has come to town from a small village and till date has led a very confused and directionless life. She is an average intelligent girl but is troubled by the thought that life has got nothing better to offer her – she has ambition to become a prolific writer but is unwilling to put in hard work and bring about changes within her to do so. Hence she is unable to complete even a small exercise given by her professor. This continues over the next few sessions but she is unable to improve. Perhaps this is because, she has read the professor’s work ever since she was a child and when she meets him, she realizes he is not what she thought him to be and starts disliking him.

The professor, who has managed to earn some name for him 15 years before, is trying to write a play since the last 3 years. But he is not happy with his work. He is not given due respect at the Academy. On his personal front, he has an incompatible relationship with his wife and has become surely irritable. He is unable to answer some very basic questions asked very innocently by this girl and this hurts his ego. He is perplexed – he feels his personal life and his writings are sometimes poles apart – he is unable to do justice to both.

Both these characters – deeply hurt and scared within – throw important questions of their lives at each other. The main reason of discussing their subject of “scriptwriting” is left aside and they start digging at each other’s personal lives. They hurt each other as if they want to gain their own self-respect by doing so. A likelihood of close proximity developed amongst them, elopes and they part.

But something very positive gets generated out of this – they realize their agonies, blemishes, faults and for the first time, a ray of self-realization dawns in their minds.
A crispy tale which weaves its intricacies amongst the audience and one is left to wonder whether there are more underlying tones to the entire drama than what have been portrayed. As many people, those many thoughts and those many conclusions!


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Anonymous said...

khup sundhar natak aahe .....ya nataka mule pudcha pidna kahi tari samjle ki pude janasathi kay kay kele pahije.... me kal dadar made pahila natak khup sundhar aahe finaldraft..........natak

jay patil said...

Bolla janara prateyk shabd ekagratene aikava ani pratyek kshan manapurvak pahava ani anubhavava ashi 'Final Draft' hi sundar kalakruti !jay patil

K M Kulkarni said...

The script is highly relevant in today's context !
नाटकातला प्रत्येक scene उत्कंठा वाढवत नेतो !
Delivers a strong message at the end, in a convincing way..!!

PDG said...

--- Natak : Script, Set, Lights, Music & Make up

--- Acting of both : Top
--- Bearing of Mukta’s through out the drama - Appratim.
--- Girish’s free wawar on whole rangamanch – Best

---- First Half was too good (Lafter places, innocence of Mukta & Freeness of Girish)
--- Second half : Little slow going of story, repetition of movements, low hummer.

--- Dialogue in blackout is toooo long. It is disturbing link & mood.

---- Last sentence of Drama – Dolaytil “Wedsr” bhav japun thev should be “ Niragas” bhav
japun thev.

--- P.D.Garware

Shyam Kukreja said...

Wonderful play. Mukta Barve was as great as always. Hats off to Girish Joshi. Have seen him first time.. no words to describe his direction, dialogue delivery, acting.. I mean everything was simply great.

Fun watching at Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha.

Shrikant Hande said...

:) Thanks for everything, lovely, and also a learning opportunity if you really need to gain :)

Dinesh said...

I had heard about this play a lot but never got chance to see it. Finally today Manisha, my wife and I saw the play. First part was excellent but second part was boring due to repetition of dialgoues and too much talking by Girish. Play should have more dialgoues for Mukta or at least one more charcter! I know that it's easier said than done. Anyway, I will give three stars out of five. REgards, Dinesh

Anurag said...

I watched your much hyped play 'Final draft' on 22 April 2012 at Yashwantrao Chavan, Pune with my family. With an expectation to see some awe-inspiring acting, I sat in third row of the hall, but my frank(or blunt) opinion is as follows:-
1. The first half is slow and does not impress.
2. The play does not have an outline. It lacks proper flow.
3. Mr.Girish Joshi's dialogues are irrelevantly long and boring!
4. Ms. Mukta Barve(i am her fan) is abysmally wasted. She does not have and opportunity to act even though she has to play the role of a dumb girl.
5. The play is boringly slow.
6. The humour is childish
7. Although the script is different, the play could have been done in a better way

It may be an exception that your play was disappointing.

All the best for the next one.

Unknown said...

i don't have a story to write nor i have any imagination of writing it but what i have the imagination that u you gave to me through your play and i would say that i have started imagining the story that in the end gets me to "Final Draft"
An awesome draft with the finals.

Satyajeet Raghuveer Thatte

Anonymous said...

Fantastic play.....
Girish sir & Mukta madam.....you two were just fabulous....
Keep up the good work!!-
Devdatt,Shobha & Amol Nagpure

AMOL Nagpure said...

Fantastic play.....
Girish sir & Mukta Madam you two were fabulous.......
thet hrudaya paryent pohochla natak....Keep it up!!!-
Devdutt,Shobha & Amol Nagpure!

AMOL Nagpure said...

Surekh natak!....
Mukta Madam va Girish sir hyanche vishesh kautuk......!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

beutifully wrtten play
nicely directed & neatly presented
but we saw very late in nashik
dr deepak dr surekha kothekar

Sunil Auluck said...

This play had an offbeat theme and was very well written. Light humour was carried off quite well, especially by Mukta, whose acting was outstanding. She has a gift of really becoming the character. She also has a very broad range of expressions. I am particularly impressed by the way she portrayed vulnerability in one scene and strength of character in another scene. I hope that she continues to give adequate emphasis on not getting into stereotype roles. Every role should leave us wondering: surely this is not the real Mukta Barve!!

Nishad Bahulekar said...

Excellent play, Treat for my intellect and emotions..totally refreshing! Simply amazing..Bravo! Mukta is charming and versatile like always.. Girish sets the mood for the play with his mesmerizing acting faculty!! I especially remember the part when Girish explains Mukta - What is a Story? The relationship between characters of Mukta and Girish in the play touched the deepest place of my heart! Beautifully written script.. Kept me engaged throughout the play..thoroughly entertained!!! A million thanks to both Mukta and Girish..Both of you truly deserve a standing innovation.. Cheers :)) Nishad Bahulekar (ncbnishad@gmail.com)

Prachi Sawant said...

A great play… suggesting audience to introspect and accept the fears, insecurities and failures within which is a first step to overcome them. Hats off to the idea / script of this play. Mukta mam was fantastic with her expressions - innocent, hopeless, confused, guilty, aggressive, clever and finally successful but down to earth person ready to give credit to her professor.
….Prachi Sawant

Abhijeet said...

u r really excellent at ur work sir!!!
Hats Off to u You!!
Simple Comment----
""Naatak thoda Serious HoayLa Aalach Ki Tumhi ashe kahi Dialogue Bolay cha Ki hasay la yaycha :), Mag Seriousness Udun Jaycha .
Plz allow us to get go Deep Into The
Swallowness of this Play""

trend4caster said...

जवळ जवळ वर्षभराने आज दिनानाथ ला या नाटकाचा प्रयोग ८ व्यांदा बघितला. काही नाटके मला नेहमी खूप अस्वस्थ करतात आणि मग ती मी परत परत बघतो. एखाद्या घटनेला वेग वेगळ्या प्रतिक्रिया होऊ शकतात त्यातील जास्तीत नाट्यमय प्रतिक्रिया शोधून अशा विविध घटनांची रचना म्हणजे कथा. या अर्थाने मी नेहमी मझ्या आयष्यात सुद्धा विचार करत असतो. अपयशाची खरीखुरी कारणे स्वताकडे एका डोळस दृष्टीने पाहणाऱ्याला सहज कळू शकतात, ती दुसर्याने सांगावी लागत नाहीत हा यातील एक अत्यंत महत्वाचा मुद्दा. संवादात काही काही फेरफार केल्याचे लक्षात आले. मुक्ता बर्वेला पूर्वीपेक्षा आता थोडा अधिक वाव दिल्याचे जाणवले. दिग्दर्शक या नात्याने अजूनही मुक्ता ने साकारलेल्या पात्रावर अजून काहीसा अन्याय होत आहे असे वाटते. या कथानकात मुक्ता चा अजून खूप चांगला वापर करता येऊ शकेल त्याने या नाटकाची रंगत अजून खूप वाढू शकेल असे मला वाटते. गिरीश जोशी यांचे लेखन निश्चितच खूप आकर्षक आहे पण त्यांच्या भूमिकेतील आक्रस्ताळेपणा आजचा पर्योग बघताना मला थोडासा अतिरेकी वाटला. त्यामुळे शेवटी त्याच्यात होणार बदल या वेळी बघताना मला थोडासा कृत्रिम वाटला हि भूमिका एक हाताश झालेले व्यक्तिमत्व या स्वरुपात सादर करता येईल का असा माझ्या मनात सहज विचार आला. तसे झाले तर या नाटकातील लाऊडनेस थादासा कमी होऊ शकेल. मुक्ताची भूमिका जाणीवपूर्वक अधिक लाऊड करता येईल का हि शक्यता पण विचारात घेण्य्सारखी आहे.एकाच नाटकाचे दोन वेगळ्या स्वरुपात प्रयोग करता आले तर नाट्यमय घटना वेगवगळ्या प्रकारे सादर करता येतात आणि त्या वेगळा परिणाम साधू शकतात हे सुद्धा अधिक प्रकर्षाने दिसून येईल. अगदी प्रामाणिकपणे सांगायचे झाले तर मी हे नाटक मुक्ता साठी परत परत बघतो कारण तिच्यात ती वेडसर चमक खरोखरच आहे आणि ती चमक माझ्या सारख्या वेड्या प्रेक्षकाला परत परत खेचून आणते. कोंडी मधील सतीश दुभाषी, कळा या लागल्या जीवा मधील सुबोध आणि शृजा आणि या नाटकातील मुक्ता मला वेड लावतात. अक्मी जास्त लिहिले असेल तर क्षमस्व.

Chintamani said...

Final Draft had made my evening memorable.
The act put in by the duo of Girish and Mukta has been just superlative.
The way in which the play unfolds keeps u glued to your seats.
I suppose each one can identify him/her in the sitaution that the characters land in the play.
Hats OFF to the Play.

Anonymous said...

I Saw this drama at Vishnudas Bhave on 29 th April. I am fan of Mukta but in this drama Girish sir you own by 1 marks than Mukta.
As far as drama & acting is concern both were excellant.
You must remembered that during the drama u ordered one family to leave the theater because they accompanied with a chield below 5 years. With the lots of disappontments, sorrow & in insulting moods they left the theater ( they lost Rs.600 )Sir pls note this warning which is printed on the ticket is in very small words & will come to know only after purchasing the tickets, dooarkeeper should not allow them to entre in the hall. If you put a notice of this at ticket counter then such a sad incedent/disappontment/loss of time & money/insult can be avoided. Sir we are all yours fans, pls do this for us!!!

Samir said...

Natak thode dokyawarun jate pan kuthetari manala bhidte dekhil. kadachit mala evdhe natakabaddal kalat nahi pan vishay thoda jad ahe.
baki girish joshi ani mukta barve yancha abhinay sahaj sundar ahe. prakash yojana khup sundar hoti.asech ekhade navin veglya vishayache natak baghayla jarur awdel.
ALL the BEst "Final Draft"


himrede said...

Great job<great work<both of you have done great job..........Mukta you are just awesome.........congratulations....

जयंत मेढी said...

गिरीश आणि मुक्ता अतिशय सुंदर अभिनय आणि लेखन ! नाटकाचं विषय वेगळाच आहे. अशीच वेगवेगळ्या विषयावर नाटके बघायला मिळावीत ही अपेक्षा !

anuja said...

Wanted eagerly to see FD since long time...Finally seen today @Balgandharva. Its superhit, no doubt worth watching many times...Girish Joshi & Mukta Barve both simply amazing, Final Draft rocks, All the best to entire team!! :)

Aarati said...

Kal Balgandharv la natak pahil. Mi 1 warshapasun natakat kam karyla suruwat keli aahe so khup technical details kade laksha gel- set war staircase white lights above phone stand lawale hote tyacha uddesh nahi kalala. 1-2 thikani girish yanchya war purna lights yet navhate. Kahi kahi scenes apratim rangale. E.g lights gelele astana emergency lamp madhla scene. Girish Joshi jast mokale ani sahaj watale. Mukta la gavakadhi chi mulgi dakhwatna - evdha motha rumal ka dyawasa watla? ticha satat tonda pusan natar nakos watyla lagal. Wedsar kinva bawlat zak weglya padhtine dakhwta ali asti ka asa ek wichar manat yeun gela? Mi swatha wachik abhinay aslelel shabdabambal natak karte aahe tyamule duration cha kahi nahi watal pan madhye madhye natkachi grip jat hoti. Mala swathala tjodya contradictions watlya
1. Mukta mhante ki - lokana patel ani ruchel asa ch apan lihil pahije ani te tila awdat nahi. Ti tichya sirankadun expect karte ki tyani purvi sarkhach innocent ani kaljala bhidnar likhan karan ani shewati tichi katha gheun yete ti agdi ch sumar nighte far darja nasleli. Ti asa ka karte?
2. Sir tyanchi dream academy ka sodun detat? Jas eka widhyarthini madhye badal ghadyla baghtat tase te etar lokan sathi ka thamat nahit. Te in parallel tyanch natak lihu shakle aste ki....
Overall - acting changli, Girish Joshi n chi wishesh bhavli.. mukta chi acting kahi kahi thikani chan ch.. tiche punches far sundar aale. Tari hi mi ya 2 mothya kalakarun kadun ani story kadun hi khup jast expect karat hote aas watat aahe

Vaibhav said...

Girish aani Mukta
Dhanyawad!!!Natak khupach chan aahe.

Girish tumacha abhinay aani lekhan apratim aahe.
Tumhi ji katha mhanaje kay hyach spastikarn dila aahe te manala lagel asa aahe.

Mukta , tu natakachya shevatacya bhagat khup sundar disat hotis. aani tuzya mule natakala khari godi aali aahe.

Tumachya pudhil show sathi khup khup Shubhecya.


Kshitij Vichare said...

Simply wonderful...तुम्ही दोघंही स्टेजवर किती सहज वावरता! खरंच खूप अप्रतिम नाटक आहे...

Sadanand said...

Impressive handling of a difficult subject,both actors deserve equal merit although Joshi has a better vocab, but Barve outshines with her refined subtlety, she has the abilities to enshrine the likes of smita patil & shabana azmi

Joshi would do well as a director instead as an actor

Kudos to both of them for an excellent presentation

mahen said...

Play is excellent 100 marks to Mukta for her live excellence in expressions & performance!

She appears to be advance version of Bhakti( Fulrani-Barve).

Best luck for her future.

Script is good but half of second part creates the mess in the creative mind of a common viewer and he has to came out in confusion after Play.

Generally a good play but needs clarity in simplicity to know what writer wants to say.

Adv. Ashish Dhankikar said...

क्षमस्व! मी आपल्याला प्रतिसाद दिला होता इथे आपल्या नाटकाबद्दल पण अनावधानाने माझी विनंती देखील पाठवली. वास्तविक अश्या कितीतरी विनंत्या आपल्याला दररोज येत असतील आणि प्रत्येकाची दाखल घेणे पण शक्य नसते पण प्रयत्नच काय ते मी करू शकतो त्यामुळे तो केला गेला कारण इच्छा असूनही माझा या क्षेत्रात संपर्क होऊ शकत नाहीये.
असो पण नाटक खरच सुंदर होतं आणि मुक्ता तर खरोखर मंदच आहे कि काय असंच वाटत होतं. पण खूप हसवलं तुम्ही आणि हसवता हसवता शिकवलं देखील. तुमचा हा प्रवास अखंड चालत राहो हि शुभेच्छा!

Adv. Ashish Dhankikar
9021038127 / 9881391399

Unknown said...

Just saw the performance at Pune. Liked it very much. It was a present for me from my daughter for my 73rd birthday. I came backstage to congratulate Girish and Mukta in person but unfortunately left without meeting them. Please keep up the good work.

arvind kelkar

Madhav Kumbhar said...

Hi Girish and Mukta,
Very Good morning... I am Madhav Kumbhar. I Salute both of you for your spontaneous act in the play.
Both of you have done an absolutely perfect job.
It was an Awesome play by your whole team.
I just loved it... Specially the event when Girish Sir explains, what a story is exactly??? It was a perfect definition of story.
I am very thankful to both of you for presenting such an wonderful concept in a very simple but touching way...

RK said...

Saw Final Draft yesterday at Kalidas(Mulund).
Awesome and paisawasul play!!!

Hatsoff to Mukta and Girish..Both have played a superb role.

Rohan Kaluskar,Thane.

mukund kolhatkar said...


Rajesh Dudhane said...

i saw final draft on sunday 27 may at kalidas...fantastic...speechless...waiting for next show...mukta and girish both doing great work....hats off to mukta....

sandeep joshi said...

मी सौदी अरेबिया मध्ये राहतो..सुट्टीत भारतात आलो असता final draft पाहण्याचा योग आला..जो बरेच दिवस जुळून येत नवता..नाटक अतिशय सुंदर आहे..एका वेगळ्याच विषयावर लिहिलेले आहे..त्यासाठी लेखकाचे आभार..लेखन अतिशय सुंदर आहे..आणि अभिनयाबद्दल बोलायचे तर दोघांचाही अभिनय लाजवाब..मुक्ता खूप सुंदर आणि नैसर्गिक, सहज सुंदर अभिनय करते..हुबेहूब गावरान मुलगी वाटते..आणि गोष्ट लिहून आणण्याचे परत परत प्रयत्न..इतक्या छान प्रकारे सदर केले आहे..hats off ..

गिरीश जोशी यांचे हि मनापासून कौतुक..हताश बापाची आणि नाट्य शाळेच्या चालकाची भूमिका परिणामकारक रित्या सदर केली..काही ठिकाणी त्यांचे प्रतिसाद अपेक्षित वाटतात..थोडासा एकसुरी पण जाणवला..अर्थात हे माझे मत आहे..

एकूण, ९९/१०० मार्क्स..पुढच्या अशाच नाट्याविश्काराची ची वाट बघत आहोत..शुभेच्छा..

- संदीप जोशी

आश्विन डोंगरे said...

नाटक बरं आहे. बोर नाही झाले. तुम्हा दोघांचेही काम अतिशय चांगली झाले. थोडा एकसुरीपणा जाणवतो, पण तुमची पकड सुटत नाही.
आमची फ़क्त एकच फ़सगत झाली. पेपरातल्या पोस्टरवरुन नाटक सस्पेंस/थ्रीलर किवा त्यातल्या त्यात भुताटकीचे वाटते. त्याबाबतीत भ्रमनिरास झाला. पण नाटक चांगले असल्याने वेळ आणि पैसा वाय़ा गेल्या सारखे वाटले नाही.

वेंधळा गणेश said...

खुप दिवस नाटक पाहिले नव्हते...त्यात आज विष्णुदास भावे वाशीत "फायनल ड्राफ्ट" ठरला. उत्सुकता कारण माझी सर्वात आवडती मुक्ता जीला मी रंगमंचावर समोरा समोर पाहणार होतो. तिसरी घंटा झाली सुचना झाल्या अन् पडदा उघडला. सुरुवात अतिशय सुंदर, खासकरुन मुक्ताचा प्रवेश,
नाटक सुरु होत, एका अतिशय डंब मुलीपासुन पण त्याच्यात बदलत जाणारे प्रसंग हे अन् डंबपणा नसुन ती एक कारणवश केलेला व्यवहार आहे.
सुरेख मांडणी गिरीश सरानी केलेली अन् तेवढाच दिमाखदार अभिनय... सर्वात जास्त आवडलेली गोष्ट म्हणजे मुक्ताचा पहिल्या अंकात दाखवलेला एक भाबडेपणा अन् दुसर् या अंकातील कणखरपणा सराना सत्यता दाखवुन देताना.
गिरीश जोशीनी माणसाच्या मनातील खोल दरीत दोकावण्याचा प्रयत्न जो करत असताना एक लेखक म्हणुन ते हरवलेत अन् त्यांचा शोध घेत असलेली किंबहुना त्याना त्याची जाणिव करुन देताना घडलेला मुक्ता-प्रोफेसर संवाद अप्रतीम...

लेखकाने जगाचा विचार न करता पटेल ते स्वच्छंद लिहावे
कारण ही गोष्ट कुठेतरी नामशेष होत चालली आहे, प्रयोगीक स्तरावर जाताना प्राथमीक मंच, कथा हरवत चालल्यात अन् याच्यावर सडेतोड मिश्कील टिका आवडली.

शेवटी "वेडसर चमक डोळ्यात ठेवणे" हे महत्वाचे...

I love this drama...it's just rocks... and hats off to both of you Mukta and Girish Sir. Superb play. Waiting for next... and Best of luck for thousands of "Final Draft".

asha said...

one of the best play that i have seen.mukta barve body language ani shabd fekine sampoorna natakavar pakad thevate ani girish joshi tumche script writing ,acting sarvach chhan pan awajala thode vajan pahije ase watate.eka vicharu tumhala he natak vichar karnyapasun te lihun hoi paryant kiti kalavadhi lagla?ajun ekda donda tari he natak pahayche manat ahe.kal amhi vashila pahile khup divas pending hote good luck for future project--ashaa_g@rediffmaiffmail.com

Pushkar Ghatpande said...

Phar aikla hota hya natkabaddal... aaj welat wel kadhun pahile.. 3 tasane jheva prayog sampla ani pad da padla tevha apoaap manacha mujra dyava tasa hat uthla.. Kharach ek atishay uttam natak pahilyacha anand milala..

Dhiraj said...

Saw 'Final Draft' at Balgandharva
'Final Draft' is superb.
Monologues by Girish Joshi are awesome. Mukta's expressions are too good. will see again.
All the Best to Team 'Final Draft'.

Mangesh Divekar said...

"Final Draft" natak mala khup mhanje khup avadala. Eka sadha topic "Self Improve" cha itka mast vistar ani prastuti (presentation) keli aahe ki "EK number".

Tumchya Nataka baddal abhinandan and hardik subhechha.

Mangesh Divekar

Supriya Shewale said...

Enjoyed yesterday's show at Balgandharva Rangamandir.

Show suru zalayanantar sound cha thoda problem zala hota, pan ti situation tumhi doghanni khup chan handle kelit.

Girish Sir, Tumcha Likhan, Abhinaya ani Digdarshan aprateem.

Being a diehard fan of Mukta, Mi tichya performance baddal kay bolu?? Just amaaaaazing performance.. Mala ticha shevatchaya scene madhla green color dress khup khup avadla.


Keep it up and All the Best!!!

Sagar Jambukar said...

Agree with the above written comments....In addition as per my limited understanding great script,well written, very well narrated,perfect backdrop,nicely presented......dialogue timings,both of yours expressions were awesome... though you are doing the act nth number of time it always felt like it was the first and the final performance...at the end of the day very happy and contended after returning from the auditorium ...
you are going great guns...Congrats for the success till date and loads wishes for future endeavors

Yogita said...

!7/6/ 12 la Balgandharva la he natk baghitale.Ek vegalya vishayavarche natak... Mukta & Girish both were fabulous. Timing was excellent. Well done and
All the best...

Sanjay Joshi said...

Dear Girish,
Just saw Final Draft for the second time. (Had seen it in very intial stage.. now saw for my Mother and wife and son)
When I saw it first, my reaction was - It is very good but not great.
(I had shared it with my best friend Subodh also, who wrote blurb for your book)
On this second viewing my reaction changed a bit... Now I feel It was very good at that stage, but now it has become a normal comedy, that these days Marathi viewers like (mainly spoiled by Vivek Bele type dramas) I felt sad looking at the clappings and laughter Final Draft was getting every now and then. I feel the subject was supposed t o be deep and serious, but it turned out into a comedy.
Does the writer in you feel bad about it ?
I suggest, as an experiment, get this same drama staged by some other director for a change.
- with warm regards,
Sanjay Joshi

Meenakshi Sutar said...

aajach yashwantrao la he natak pahila.. khupach apratim script, samvaad ani abhinay!! mi swatah nuktach script writing cha course kelay tyamule mazyasathi tar he natak ek parvanich hoti..!!
hats off to both of u Girish ji and Mukta ji!!

Meenakshi Sutar
15/07/12 07:50 PM.

tanmay nade said...

TOOOOOOOO GOOD. Perfect Chemistry. Perfect Balance.....!!!!!

nitya85 said...

mi 22 july la he natak pahile. mala khup aavadle. muktacha abhinay mala pharach aavadla.Girish joshiche kaam pan khup changla hota. actully mala muktala live pahayche hote. mala he natak punha pahayla aavadel aani te mi punha nakki baghen.
Tumchya doghanchya abhinayabaddal tumha doghana shubhecha And

Kaustubh Dixit said...

आज "यशवंत"ला "फायनल ड्राफ्ट" पाहिलं. अतिशय अप्रतिम कलाकृती ! लेखन, दिग्दर्शन, अभिनय, नेपथ्य, प्रकाश.... सर्वच अगदी अप्रतिम होतं. नाटक खूप आवडलं.... कथा, दिग्दर्शन, अभिनय, सर्व छान होतंच पण विशेष म्हणजे यातले "विनोदी पंचेस" खरोखर मस्त होते.... सर्वच बाबतीत अगदी THUMBS UP.... उगाच नाही गेली ७ वर्षं चालू हे नाटक !!आणि तेही जवळजवळ HOUSEFULL !!!! :)
गिरीश जोशी आणि मुक्ता बर्वे यांना HATS OFF !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Watched your play today at Yashwant Natya Mandir,and it was Superb. Girish you are an actor par excellent and Mukta too was not any less inspite of having less lines. Dialouges were crisp,well written and well delivered. Your play is compelling us to do lot of "Soul-searching" May Lord Ganesh give you huge success and happiness in your life !
Keep up the good work !
With tons of regards,
Sunita Pai.

yogesh sohoni said...

So nice play. Hats off to Girish ji & Mukta!! Doghanchahi abhinay khup chaan. Topic pan changla niwadla aahe.

Ajun ek. Aajchya Gadkari chya prayogaat dudhaat mithacha khada padawa tasa zala. Achanak kahi prekshak ‘aiku yet nahi, awaj motha kara’ asa ordu lagle. Pan tumhi te itkya sayyamane hatala ki kharokharach once again Hats Off to you & Mukta!!

Yogesh Sohoni, Thane



Kal 04/08/2012 la Gadkarila natak pahil.. Natak Chaan Zal..

Natak chalu asatana awajacha problem mule Mukta ani Girish yani natak sodun audienceshi sanvad sadhla ani problem sort out karun punha natakala suruvat keli...

Tumhi ja sahajtene te kelet ani punha natak tyach mood madhe chalu kelet tyala ek audience mhanun tumchatalya kalakarala salam............

Mukta is Great.......
Script chaan ahe......

nitya85 said...

Gadkarila he natak mi dusaryanda pahile. audiencemule thoda gondhal zaala pan mukta aani girish joshini to vyavasthit handle kela tyamule tya doghanche kautuk karavese vatate. pudhe natak chan rangat aale.Natakacha dusra aank mala khupach aavadla. muktane sevatchi 15 minite ji dhamal keli ti farach chan aahe. ticha FINAL DRAFT khup mhanje khupach mast aani mastach zaala.
Once again MUKTA ROCKS

Harshali Samarth said...

khup mast natak aahe. Mukta Barve was as great as always. Hats off to Girish Joshi.both of you have done great job.enjoyed saturday's show at gadkari rangayatan.All the Best to Team 'Final Draft'.

Gandhali said...

I watched the play yesterday in Pune.
I just simply love Mukta Barve for her acting and Girish Joshi for his writing and direction skills.
With Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta on air, it is simply unbelievable and appreciable the way Mukta Barve plays her character of less confident and a bit helpless girl with unpolished (non puneri) marathi ascent. I really like the way she performs every character, let it be from Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Badam Rani.., Eka lagnachi.., Jogwa, Chakva, Ek Daav ... anything and everything..
The strongest point of play is its dialogues and dialog delivery by Girish Sir and Mukta.
One more thing I would like to appreciate is, both the actors talk in very effective pace, peach and sound level unlike the way many others unnecessarily shout on the stage.
A must watch play :)

Dhanika said...

Final Draft chi katha tar great ahech pn girish sir and mukta urfa amchi Radha yancha kam.........um..................
shabdach suchat nahi ahe..Apratim...
khara tar mazya vayachi mule natak baghayla jast interested nastat.......pn me Mukta chi khup mothi fan ahe....tila bhetnyasathi natak baghayche tharavle....Mukta tar acting madhli Samradnyeech ahe.....pn Girish kaka tumhi pn kahi kami nahi...and mukta get well soon, aj thoda bara navta na...

Final Draft la ankhin Yash milo hich iccha... mala punah pahayla nakkich avdel

Dhanika Manjrekar

Aditya Manjrekar said...

Today 15 Aug 2012 becomes one of mine great day of life. Simply becoz finally I mate her i...e Mukta Barve at Final Draft set. As expected her (Mukta's) play was mindbogglingly. But has worry for only one thing. Mukta Seems to have a Cold. So as her caring Fan I wish her " Plz Get Well Soon " Love u Mukta

nitya85 said...

Mi continue tisrayndya he natak pahile. kaal shevti shevti thodavel eka prekshkamule kahitari thoda gondhal zaala pan tyanantar te tumhi doghani continue kerun tyacha Shevat God kelaat. Natak Punha ekda mast Zaal Aani tu tar kamaal aahes.Girish siranni sangitalyapramane tuzyatil Ti vedsarpanachi chamak haravu devu nakos. kharokhar tu great kalakar Aahes. naatkabaddal tuze Abhinandan.
MUKTA ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Watched it a few days ago at Yashwantrao Chavan in Kothrud. Fantastic play but with a dark depressing undertone possibly reflecting the author's emotional state at the time of writing the play. Could be perceived as an "bildungsroman" and "anti-bildungsroman" duality interplay. Very talented protagonist and I hope he stays healthy and productive enough to contribute more to Marathi theater.

Anonymous said...

'final draft' he natak khupach utkrushta aahe....Mukta Barve navachi ek great kalakar tyat aahe,mhanun khar tar he natak pahayla gelo...pan Girish Joshi he pan ek kasdar abhinete aahet yachi janiv natak pahtana zali.Ya blog var natkachya kahi short clips pahayla available aahet,tya bahutek 6-7 varsha purvichya asavyat...pan tya clips pahilyavar ase vatate ki aajache 'final draft' hi sudharit aavrutti aahe ani te pratyek babtit perfect point la jaun pochale aahe.Mukta Barve sarakhi...pratyek character..pratyek role evadhya sahajtene sakarnari actress marathi shrushti madhe kvachitach pahayla milel.jya paddhatine Mukta gramin bhasha bolali aahe...te kharach lajwab aahe.My best wishesh for both of you..

Anonymous said...

I just watched this play. Superb act.... Both Of Mukta & Girish. Keep it up !

दिलीप said...

अप्रतीम गिरीष आणि मुक्ता दोघेही अतीशय अभिनय आणि नेपथ्य पण फार छान ़ तुमचे मनापासून अभिनंदन व शुभेच्छा ़

Nikhil said...

I just loved the power-cut part, perfectly irrelevant but still perfectly natural.

Er. Sonali Sarange said...

Watched your Final Draft at Balgandharva on Sunday 17th Sept..

Great act by both of you...

Hats of to both of you "Mukata and Girish"

Both of you rock.. :)

Er. Sonali Sarange said...

Watched you Final Draft at Balgandharva Rangmandir Pune on Sunday 17th Sept.

Great acting and Script by Girish Joshi...

What to tell about acting by Mukta Barve, as all of us know she is the best...

Hats off to the entire team. and for such a nice experience.. :)

sandip kokare said...

Namaskar, Girish ani Mukta,
Me kal 16/09/12 roji pahilyanda he natak pahile, Yeshvantrao chavhan Natya Gruhat Punyala
Atishay chan ani vegla kathanak,
Tumchya acting baddal tar kahi prashnach nahi apratim...
mukta Barve marathitil ek number actor aahe. kharech khup chyan kam kele tine.
i wish ki he natak mala parat lavakar phayala milel ani yache prayog asech pudhe chalu rahatil.

mala tumala aani mukta la bhetayachi khup ichya aahe. mazi hi ichya tumi purna karavi hi vinanti.

aapala jabardast fan,
sandip Kokare
9561060900 / 8308802310

Sadashiv Phalke said...

Namaskar, Girish ani Mukta,
Me kal 16/09/12 roji pahilyanda he natak pahila,Punyala
Atishay chan ani vegla kathanak, aprtim direction ani sunder ani god Shevat.
Tumchya acting baddal tar kahi prashnach nahi apratim...
i wish ki he natak mala parat lavakar phayala milel ani yache prayog asech pudhe chalu rahatil.

Girish ani Mukta Doghanch Abhinandan ani Shubhecha.
Mr. & Mrs. PHALKE

Nikhil said...

Saw the show in Pune yesterday. Thoroughly enjoying and very solid performances by Mukta and Girish.

Gayatree Gokhale said...

Namaskae, me Gayatree Gokhale

'फायनल ड्राफ्ट' या नाटकाचा प्रयोग दि.१६.०९.२०१२ रोजी बघितला. उत्तम लेखन, अप्रतिम अभिनय यांमुळे नाटक सर्वोत्तम झाले आहे. आमच्यासारख्या सामान्य प्रेक्षकांना केवळ नाटक-मालिका किंवा सिनेमा यांपर्यंत मर्यादित न ठेवता त्यांची स्क्रिप्ट्स कशी लिहिली जातात याबाबत शास्त्रोक्त माहिती मिळते.
मुक्ता बर्वे नेहेमीप्रमाणेच अप्रतिम. गिरीश जोशींना तर तोडच नाही. अभिनय, लेखन, दिग्दर्शन सर्वच बाबतीत. संवादफेक इतकी परिणामकारक होती की प्रत्येक शब्द मनाला भिडत होता...
पात्रांना तुम्हीच जिवंत करू जाणे. पोटतिडकीने शिकवणारे प्रोफेसर आणि तितकीच कमी कष्ट घेणारी त्यांची विद्यार्थिनी- ही अशी गोष्ट पाहता-ऐकताना आम्ही प्रेक्षकही तुमच्यातलेच होऊन जातो.
Expression Great! विषय काहीसा गंभीर असूनही शेवटपर्यंत प्रेक्षकाला हसवत ठेवणारं हे नाटक अंतर्मुख करता करता आम्हाला खिळवून ठेवतं....
Hats off !!!!!!!

Apoorva said...

Dear Girish and Mukta

Watching the play has been a truly enriching experience. Thank you very much for the memorable performances and the beautiful concepts about storytelling that you have explored throughout the play...

P.S Mukta i think you were amazing as the small town, underconfident girl..

Lots of love and best wishes to the entire team.

Swati said...

Hello Girish and Mukta,

Kudos to both of you. I watched this play last month in Yashwantrao with my 10 yr old daughter and husband and we all loved it.
We were already great fans of Mukta but now have become fans of Girish as well. The script, theme ,acting..sagale kase ekdum UTTAM.

Navin vegalya vishyachya natakachya apekshet...


Ajit Jamodkar said...

_/\_ Girish ji aani Mukta ji...

me 15 la Punyat tumache natak baghitale, me khup kami natake baghato pan Final Draft baghitalyavar mala ase vatatey ki me marathi natake baghayalach havi...
Doghanchihi acting aani timing khupach chhan hota..
Mukta ji u r sweet and cute..!!(he me kharach sangtoy, UPHASANE nahi...)


Parashar Sawant said...


Great Play and Both the PROTAGINIST also were great.


amolpro said...

अप्रतिम, हा एकच शब्द आहे.
नाटक बघण्याच्या अगोदर माझ्या अपेक्षा काही नव्हत्या, पण नाटक संपल्यानंतर का संपले असे वाटत होते. अजून काही तरी....

फक्त एक गोष्ट सांगावी वाटते, ती म्हणजे एवढे अप्रतिम नाटक पण तुमचे ब्लॉग त्याप्रमाणे आकर्षित करत नाही. सर्व नाटकांची जर एक चांगली वेबसाईट बनवली तर खूपच छान वाटेल.

धन्यवाद या कलाकृतीसाठी....

Dheeraj bhoi said...

Khar tar sarvaat aadhi mukta mam yaana khup thanks...tumcha abhinay pahnyasathi m akhsharsha talmalat hoto...mazi udya univesity exam ahe tari pan m jewha add pahili ki final draft ahe m control nhi karu shaklo.mumbai pune mumbai madhe pahileli tumchi acting mala pratyakshat kdhi pahta yeil haach wichaar m karat hoto ti iccha mazi kaal purn zaali...maza, abhyaas tar purn zala nhiae pan tumcha abhinay pahnyachi iccha maatr purn zali.mumbai pune mumbai m 30 wela pahilay...pan tumcha abhinay pahnyachi iccha kahi purn hot nvti ,ti kal purn zaali...mam tumhi mazya dream actor ahat...tumcha abhinay ajun uttam hot jawo hich mazi tumhala shubheccha...thanx mam for showing such a beutiful art of acting...aamcha jewha college festival asel tewha yenyachie kasht karun aapan Aalat tar mazyasarkhya aamchya college madhil tumche asankhya chaahte khup khush hotil.m NAIR MEDICAL COLLEGE madhe shikto...tumhala aamchya college mdhe aananyasathi aamhala bhagirath prayatn karawe lagtil he aamhala mAhit ahe aani aamhi te nkki karu..mam,tumhala bhawi aayushyasathi aani career sathi manaoasun shubbhecha

ajit kulkarni said...

27/9 la Prabhodan Borivali la Final Draft cha prayog pahila ani ek paripurna natak pahilyache samadhan milale.Ek tar BORIVALI LA halli natake kami lagtat ani changli natake mhanje once in blue moon jhali aahet.Tumchya natakatil script,dialogues,music,lights & acting sarvach kahi top.I hope to see some thing new from your team in near future. convey my regards to Mukta Barve.Regards &Thanks once again for giving us such a wonderful experience

Ajit Kulkarni

Apoorwa said...

Finally saw "final draft"! Have been hearing about it for years, since the time my parents saw it and last week Gokhale kaka called to tell me the play is at borivali- nakki bagh! so finally there i was, watching a play after years and totally absorbed in it. in an era when tv soaps drag on for months (or years) with ever diluting tales, it is a powerful experience to watch a play like this. You cant even miss a line or a minute, or you feel you have lost something. performances of both the actors are true to the core of the characters they play and body language of Mukta Barve, is amazing.
Hope this play has many more shows!
also awaiting katkon trikon now... haven't seen it yet..
thank you for giving us such a great play! all the best!! and we as "prekshak" look forward to more plays like this one.

Anonymous said...

Gr88888888888888888888888888 Natak.
Muktachya ajunch premat padale ahe.
Girish joshi Lajawab.
Far sundar anubhav dilat doghani.
punha pahayachi icchha ahe.

Pradeep Joshi said...

I saw Final Draft yesterday (12 Oct 12) in Borivali. The play was excellent. Story and performance by both Girish and Mukta was awesome. I would specifically like to thank Girish and Mukta for coming to Borivali for performing in the play. There were not too many in the audience but all those who attended must have thoroughly enjoyed the play the way I and my family did! Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful evening. I also want to say special thanks for continuing with the play in spite of 'mobile ring tone' disturbance twice in the second half. As Girish said, all others in audience were enjoying the play and it would have been really sad if mistake of one old man leading to stoppage of the play. Thanks for the understanding shown by both of you. Really appreciated! I hope I get to see your other plays in Borivali some time soon. Thanks from myself (Pradeep) and my wife and kids for making our Friday evening very enjoyable. Regards

सतीश आठवले said...

खुप दिवस नाट्क बघायच होत पण कधी नाटक रात्री तर कधी खुप दूर कधी काहीतरी काम. आज योग आला. संहिता तर उत्तमच आहे. दोघांचाही अभिनय सुंदर आहे. मध्यंतरापर्यंत नाटक अक्षरश: अंगावर आले. मध्यंतर झाले नसते तर कदाचित शेवटपर्यंत तसेच वाटत राहिले असते.मधेच कुठेतरी गोष्ट तुटल्यासारखी वाटली. जो प्रिणाम मध्यंतरापर्यंत जाणवत होता तो शेवटपर्यंत जाणवला नाही एव्हढे मात्र नक्की. सहज उस्फुर्तपणे दाद मुखातून निघत होती इतक्या जागा होत्या. मुग्धाचा अभिनय एरवी असतो त्यापेक्षा बराच सटल वाटला पण चांगलाही वाटला. विशेषत: गिरीष जोशींच्या जरा लाऊड अभिव्यक्तिमुळे असेल कदाचित. पण नाटक सर्वार्थाने ऊत्तम

Diptee Pande said...

Namaste sir and mukta,
No words to express about acting, script and lighting. Muktachya chehryavaril mandbuddhichi zak 1dam jabardast.Tumha doghanchi stagevar asaleli sahjata aapalyach ghari prasang ghadtoy ase bhasvit hoti. Sanhita vinodachi fodni ghalat aayushyache gamakahi sangun jate.Punha 1da hats off to both of you and your entire team.

Yogesh Waingankar said...

Natak khupach chhan ahe!

Maja ali baghayala....

Best luck!

arvind.gadiyar@gmail.com said...

Hi Girish,

I met you during the interval and also at the end of your play 'Final Draft' at Rangayatan Thane on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

To be frank i don't watch too many Marathi plays nowadays, as their quality has really become an issue.

However i am impressed with your peformance in "Eka Lagnachi" serial and therefore came to see you and Mukta also.

I am impressed with your play as you are a very creative person. Writer, Director, Actor and also Lighting Effects, and what not.

You remind me of the singer Kishore Kumar who was also like a one man industry in himself. Keep it up.

Best wishes to you & also to Mukta.

Shreenand Bapat said...

प्रेक्षकांसाठी आणखी एक सूचना हवी -- श्रीनंद लक्ष्मण बापट : shreenand@rediffmail.काम

"फायनल ड्राफ्ट"चा काल दिनांक २१ ऑक्टोबर २०१२ रोजीचा संध्याकाळचा प्रयोग पाहिला. लेखन, दिग्दर्शन, पात्रयोजना, नेपथ्य, प्रकाश, वेशभूषा इत्यादी सर्वच दृष्टीने नाटक फार छान झाले आहे. तथापि मोबाईल फोन आणि लहान मुले यासंदर्भातल्या आपण दिलेल्या सूचनांचे पालन काही प्रेक्षकांकडून झाले नाही हे पाहून वाईट वाटले -- केशराच्या शेतात गाढवे चरताहेत असे वाटले. प्रेक्षकांना दिल्या जाणा-या त्या सूचनांमध्ये आणखी वाढ हवी आहे असे जाणवले -- मोबाईल फोन सायलेंट ठेऊन त्यावर कॉल आला तर तो तिथल्या तिथे रिसीव्ह करणारे काही महाभाग आहेत त्यांच्याकरिता --
मोबाईल फोन बंद किंवा सायलेंट ठेवाच, पण सायलेंट ठेवलेल्या फोनवर कॉल आला तर तो घेऊ नका. अत्यंत तातडीचे काम असल्यास प्रेक्षागृहाच्या बाहेर जाउन तो घ्या आणि पुन्हा कॉल येणार आहे असे वाटत असल्यास जागेवर परत येऊ नका !!

Swapnil Khandezod said...

Mukta n Girish sir you were fabulous and mind blowing act by both of you..enjoyed a lot..
All the best...!!!
Keep rocking :)

vinay parshetti said...

i saw play FINA DRAFT on 4th nov 12 at vashi.

it's grate both mukta barve & girish joshi sir, natural acting.

the show was disturbed by one of us viewer, we are sorry for that.

but you peoples are really great.

Vinayak Parshetti ( Sanpada)

Akshay jadhav said...

Date :- 5/11/2012 Gadkari Rangayatan

1. Mala Mukta Madam cha fan kadhich navto n sahaj mitra sobt me natak bagayla alo n Mukta madam cha acting la maza Hatsoff ahe. Me Tyancha FAN Zhaloy....
2. Girish Sir n Mukta madam cha action re-action masta hota.
3. Pahilya Anka madhe girish sir low vatat hotey but dusrya ankat tyane cover kela n nantr engery vatat hoti ...
In All Khup Ghosti Shikaun gela mala hey Natak .
All the Best...

Anonymous said...


Khupach cahan & Sundar natak ahe,


Kirti Nadkarnee

Jeevan said...


You are fantastic. Are kaay memory aahe ki kaay tumachi. 70 % dialogs tumache aahet . Ya aadhi tumhala eka marathi serial madhe pahile (eka lagnachi.....) tithech tumache veglepan disale hote . Shabd fek kashi asavi , dehboli kashi asavi he kharech shikanya sarakhe aahe tumacha kadun .


You are great as usual . Gaon vali mulagi pratykshat ubhi kelis . Maza barobar office madhe ek mulagi kaam karate . Agadi same to same bolate ti tumacha sarakhi . Excellent .

Ekun maja aali 16.11.2012 cha punyatil prayog pahata. Paisa vasul .

Jeevan Phadke

Mukul Gholba said...

Hello....Parva(Date-16/11/12) Yashwantrao Natyagruhat "Final Draft" natak hey 2nd row madhun pahile. Ek vegala vishay & tyachi sundar hataalni pahaayla milaali. Hats off to Mr. Girish Joshi..!!! Simple staight forward yet very effective dialogues & beautiful direction. "Eka lagnachi dusri Goshta" ya series madhe lakshat aale nhavte te ya natakatun disun aale ki Girish Joshi he kiti zabardasta actor aahet. I have become your fan Mr.Girish Joshi & not only for your acting skills but for the beautiful way of putting your message(through the characters potrayed) across without trying to hammer it on the audience. Ek atishay vegla natak baghnyacha mala anand milala.

As for Mukta Barve, you were the reason for watching "Final Draft". Tumchya acting skills baddal tar kharach shabda nahiyet...Eka lahan gavatun saharaat aaleli mulgi hya character cha aprateem bearing pakadlela disla. Samorchyache dialogues chalu astana tumchya chehrya varche expressions jya sahaz pane tumhi badalta hey tya scene la agdi compliment karta. It is a very difficult skill which I must say you have mastered it very very well. "Mumbai Pune Mumbai", "Eka Lagnachi dusri Goshta" aani aata "Final Draft" hya saglyan madhe tumhi pratek character agdi real to life aanlat. Tumchya abhinayala manapaasun salaam!!!

I would like to congratulate Mr. Girish Joshi & Miss Mukta Barve for having presented this amazingly different "Final Draft". It was a pleasure to watch it...!!!

Mukul Gholba

Sachin D said...

Hi Girish Sir & Mukta,

I just saw the play @ Yashwant Natyamandir.
Superb Script, Excellent Direction & Outstanding Acting...!!!

Milind & Sandhya Padalkar said...

Final Draft ranks as perhaps the best drama we have seen so far. It is very deep, and makes you think not just about the subject of storytelling, but about the quirks and twists of human psychology. Indeed, there are many places ("jaagaa") which are not bound by the specific context of the story, and this makes the drama transcend the culture and time. Very well written, and superbly brought out in the acting. There is so much both you and Mukta communicate through body language and without speaking. Makes it quite engrossing, and you succeed in convincing us about the complexity of the subject.

This is a drama we would like to see again and again, indeed we saw it for the second time after about a year. No doubt, we will see it again, as long as you continue to run it.

There is one difference we noticed and I think this has reduced the impact. Last year, you opened the first scene by behaving in a visibly irritated ("Tirsat") manner. That was effective, and juxtaposed with Mukta's guarded and suppressed behaviour very well. In today's edition at Yashwant (25-Nov-12), you opened up by being nicer. Whether this is intentional or not, I don't know. But the earlier character fitted the overall theme much more naturally.

Anyway, keep it up, and our best wishes for you to come up with many more dramas of this calibre.

Milind & Sandhya

PS: How about doing something about White Lily and Night Rider? That was a very good one too.

Sudeep Kulkarni said...

Hi Girish & Mukta,
Me tumache natak “Final Draft” 25/10/2012 la yashwant natya gruh matunga yethe pahile. Apekshit aasalya pramane doghanchahi abhinay khupach apratim hota . katha hi chan Light ani sound effect hi chan.
Kharetar vis varhsa nantar me pahilele he pahile natak . ya kalat kadhi natak pahavese vatale nahi. Tumachi zee Marathi varachi serial khup avadali ani khari hi vatali. (Sadhya chhya serials pahata, ashi kadhi serial koni nirman karel asa kadhi vatala navhata) Natak khupach avadala. Khup divasani asa abhinay live baghata ala yacha anand ahe. Pan atta he natak ya adhi ka pahile nahi yacha pashattap hoto. Natak pahatana vel kasa gela he kalalach nahi. Natak pahayala alele saravach preshak tase shikshit disat hote pan ankeda suchana kurunahi preshak mobile phone silent var ka thevat nahi yacha prashna padato. Grishina don vela natak thambvun prekshakana suchana karavi lagali yache kharach vait vatat. Sarvat jasta avadala ani patala te mhanaje shevatachya vakyatil don shabd “vedepanachi chamak” Kharach ti vedepanachi chamak asalya shivay manus kadhich khara ayush jagu nahi shakat.
Ayushat kadhi sandhi milali tar tumhala nakki bhetin.

Ganeshan Nadarajan said...

A crispy tale which weaves its intricacies amongst the audience and one is left to wonder whether there are more underlying tones to the entire drama than what have been portrayed.

Manisha said...

Girish Sir, I saw your play on 2nd Dec at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar. I m fan of Mukta and also i became your fan from this play. You both spread a magic all the time and I love it. No more words I found so thanks for your great job

Vrinda said...

I saw the drama on 2nd Dec, 2012 at Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha, Thane. The drama's underlying thought process is terrific. It brings out the fact that we are the architects of our life. Time and again, we need to introspect ourselves by diving within to understand what is happening outside us. The speed of thoughts, the clarity of content, the skill of the actors...all have come together in this drama to create a masterpiece. Would really love to see this again.

Vrinda Naik

Amit A said...

Farach sundar.. script ani abhinay donhihi apratim.. Doghanchi energy level amazing..

Saglyat mahatvache mhanje natakani dilela sandesh avadala.. Commercial ani yashawi honyacha mage davdhatana apan kuthetari aapli originality harvun bastoy..ajun chuka kartoy ani khara ayushya jagayachach visartoy..

Ek vakya lakhat rahil.. Jenvha sir mulila vichartat ki kay nakki karaycha tumhala ani tichyakade uttar nasta.. Sir mhantat ki jaude.. baryach lokana shevat paryanta mahit nasata..

Ek chhan prayog dilyabaddal sarva crew che abhinandan!

Anonymous said...

Ek Utkrushta Natak... One of the best I have ever seen :) Girish and Mukta rocks.. especially dialogues of Girish Joshi and the way he delivers them are awesome :) and of of course Mukta's village Girl :)
All the best to you both :)

Kalpesh kadu said...

This is Kalpesh Kadu
aaj date 9/12/12 la Shivaji mandir cha Final Draft cha prayog pahila. I really really really enjoyed it. khup sundar aani fadu kam kela ahe sir Girish Joshi aani madam Mukta Barve yani. and tumha doghancha kiti detailing vatat hota kama madhe. for example sangaycha zala tar sir tumhi jyaveli tyana coffe dta tar ti coffe dtanache aani ghetanache sagale barkave tumhi doghani dakhavlet. mala natakatala farasa kahi kalat nahi but aavad ahe pan yar evadhe barkave ghet abhinay karana,aaaahhhaaa. kya bat hai!aani hech nighata tondatun!
He natak gajatay aani khup khup khup pudhe yache prayog vhavet. he prarthana.
agadi thodakya aani natakatalya bhashet sangaycha zala tar "Cha Bu Ka"
kya baat hai!
kya Baat Hai!
Kya Baat Hai!

karan tumhi nusatach manoranjan nahi kelat tar amhala pan tumachya sobat thevalat. amhi pan tya donhi characters shi ekaroop zalo hoto

Kalpesh kadu said...

khup Khup Khup sundar
Sir Girish Joshi aani Madam Mukta Barve you both are rocked. i watched at Shivaji Mandir on 9/12/12. Tumhi doghe kasale kam karata. kay energy ne tumhi natak kelat. LAJAWAB.
Aani tumacha abhinay kinva character cha bolana vegeere kiti barkavene kelet. For example Coffee cha cup detanache aani Ghetanache barakave sahit tumhi abhinay karat hotat.mhanje cupala lagaleli coffe mhanun mag mukta barve hya tya apalya dress la pusatat.ata i dnt know ki kharach tasa prayogala zala hota ki tumachya abhinayacha bhag hota. but it was great. tumhi fakta manoranjan karat abhnay or natak karat navatat tar amhala sudha tumhi ekarup karun ghet hotat. amhi sudha tya doghanmadhe nakalatpane guntalo jat hoto. mhanun apasukach talya aani hasana yet hota. ya natakache khup khup khup aani khup prayog lagavet sagalikade hi prarathana. So Be It!
sopya aani natakatalya bhashet sangaycha zala tar "CHAAABUKA".
kya bat hai!
kaya bat hai!
kya bat hai!

Sharvaree Sutar said...

8thDec2012 la yeashwantrao la natkacha prayog pahila ,khup chaan hote,tumhi ani mukta just awesome,pahilaynada mala watle ki khup serious ahe natak pan its really like a guide naavin youngsters che je kharch ase career che confusion ahe pan apli avad kashat ahe ti janli tar evrything will be ok ani te apan mann lavun karu shakto ani tyacha kadhi kantala yenar nahi.....tyamule natak khupach mast chhan vatle.BEST OF LUCK pudhyacha prayogasathi

Sharvaree Sutar said...

8th Dec 2012 natak pahiile ,masta zhale ahet tumcha ani mukta cha performance.

rajendra kelkar said...

I saw it yesterday @ Shivaji Mandir. Congrats ! it was almost full. A fellow in the front seat announced it was his third time. Mine was first. I found the second half boring.a lot of hamming. perhaps its time to move on, unless you want to compete with the TV serials.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday , I watched final draft in Balgandharva with my friends
Awesome performance mukta and girish . I like this play. We need more advertising when you are doing a play in pune. Because , Even I also dont know about show date and time. Its my goodluck , that I saw newspaper in sunday and got chance to warch this play.
Even , Mukta evrey time you postem show time on facebook , but that time you forgot...Please tell me when your next play in pune , My friend also want to wach this one...

JayDeep Khajure said...

kaal ratri balgandharva cha prayog sahparivar pahila. khoopach avadla doganchahi performance. tumchya doghanchahi mi aani maza parivar chahta ahe. tya apeksha thevunach prayog pahnya sathi sagle alo hoto. amchya apeksha poorn zalya. natak khoop manoranjak aahe; more than that it's a sugar coated pill. ata baki saglyana ha prayog pahayla sangu. tumhala doghana personally bhetu shaklo ha motha kshan hota. special appreciation to girish sir for such a power packed script and direction. tumhi doghe itke mothe star asunahi evdhe saadhe ahat ya baddal tumchya vishayi aadar ajun vaadhla. in future tumha doghanbarobar thode jari kaam karayla milale tar mi bhagyavan samjen. ya natkache ajun khoop prayog sampoorna maharashtrat aani baherahi vhavet heech ichha. sampoorna teem la shubhechha aani dhanyavaad - jaydeep khajure

Sudarshan Patil said...

Awesome play....mukta and girish sir rocks....Thanx to all final draft team.
I like the music too. How would I get it?

Waiting for next play girish sir....
My best wishes to all.

Suhas said...

Hi Mukta,

Kaam tuza Final draft "Balagandharv" ithe pahila. Far divasapasun iccha hoti. Natak farach mast hot. Tu tar dhamalach kelis (as expected). Girish sarani pan farach mast kaam kelay.

You are queen of acting.

Mala vatale hote ki , Natak farach serious asel. Pan it was mix of both humour and emotions.

Tuza navin chitrapat kevha yetoy?

Please fb varati tuzya page varati post kar.

Praf said...


Anonymous said...


Mr Girish Joshi and Miss Mukta Barve...you are most talented actors..keep it on.
mi ani maza mitra pahilyanda natak baghayala alo ani kharach ya natakachya premat padalo.khara sangto mala nataka baghana aawadatat.pan he natak jewha pahila tewha achanak asa janawla.. ki marathi natak eka wegalyach unchiwar pohochala aahe..me protogonist (ha shabd mala final draft pahilyawarach kalala :))
kharach mukta tai ne khup chan acting keli ahe mala tichi acting khup avadali ani girish joshi sarani pan khup chan acting keli ahe tyancha mi eka lagnachi dusari gost hya malikemadhe pan khup chan roll ahe..he natak baghatana mi ase janvale ki mazya babatit pan asech hote mazya pan kahich goshti lakshat rahat nahi jashi mukta taicha roll ahe tasa.ya natakamadhe jevha mukta taicha axident hoto tevha tine khup chan acting keli ahe ase vatate ki tila kharach khup lagale ahe..mala nataka chya shivata badal sangavasa watata. te mhanje ki asa vatata hota ki aata ajun pudhcha scene aahe ani padada padala.kahi prashna jase tya vidyarthini che Sir ayushyabadal che inferences right ki wrong.Karan Sir na pan ek disha milate ani tichya tya bolywarun apn vichar kela aahe asa te mhantat.tya mule end thought provoking asala taru to far open ended vatato.
ya natakache production saai sakshi - anaamika aahe he baghunch manat vichare kela ki he natak bhaghyala have.
ya natakachye loksattat aalele parikshan vachun manashi pakke tharavale ki he natak baghayachech.
naatakachi script hi changalich aahe. mhanje tyaat natyamay ghada modi hotyach. tyahi asha kharya aayushaatun vechalelya aani tyavar commercial sanskaar karun artistic modulation kelelya hotya. shevat positivech hota. jus kidding...
Natak fakt entertaining nach nahi tar jara vichar karaila lavanara aahe.
ha ek dhadsi prayog mhanata yeil karan fakt don kalakarani natak kas hoel ya utsuktene khara pahila tar amhi natakala gelo.but it was really good.Donhi kalakarani far uttam abhinaya kela.
mala nataka chya shivata badal sangavasa watata. te mhanje ki asa vatata hota ki aata ajun pudhcha scene aahe ani padada padala.kahi prashna jase tya vidyarthini che Sir ayushyabadal che inferences right ki wrong.Karan Sir na pan ek disha milate ani tichya tya bolywarun apn vichar kela aahe asa te mhantat.tya mule end thought provoking asala taru to far open ended vatato.
Great play..... after a long time got to see something worthwhile. Girish and Mukta are superb. Keep it up guys !!!

All the Best to "FINAL DRAFT"

Ajit Kole said...

Grish Sir ani Mukta
Mi aaj pahilyandach mhanaje 09/12/12 roji shivaji mandir dadar yethe he natak pahile pan survatilach aase apratim natak pahayla milel aase vatale navate tumha dogancha abhinay khupach chaan vatala tyamadhe muktacha kolhapuri dhang aani kolhapuri mulimadhala to lobhas pana mi swata kolhapuri aaslyamule khupach aavadla apratim natak pahilyacha khup aanand zala
punha jar prayog aala tar mi punha he natak jaroor pahin
Ajit Kole
Nerul Navi Mumbai

Vinod said...

Hi Girish Sir,

Let me first congratulate you and your team for putting such a wonderful show. It was bliss to watch this play.

Things I liked:

- The Concept.
- Your way of putting the concept into words (i.e your script)
- Dialogues.
- Stage Presence of you and Mukta.
- I loved the flow of this play.

Things I disliked:

- Repetition of dialogues in second half.
- Mukta was underutilized in the play.
- Girish Sir's dialogue were too long. It becomes hard for audience to concentrate on such long dialogues, we need little time to process and accept what you want to convey with those dialogues.

Overall, At the end of the day I am satisfied with what I saw on the stage. Your play and script has the power to trigger people's thinking.

A suggestion:

- Girish Sir or Mukta you can be more interactive with the audiences through this blog.
- Please put some kind of 'TEASER' about your upcoming plays or script or any work you involved in. This will help people like me to stay connected with you and your work.

I am now added in your FAN list.

Vinod Joshi

Priyanka Shembekar said...

Hi.. Girish Sir & Mukta barve,

me aaj 25.12.2012 roji nashik yethe tumcha natka baghitla. Kharokhar khup aptratim natak aahe. direction, story, aani acting ashya saglyach babtit natak he khup utkrusht zala aahe. specially shevat ha khupch chan aahe. tumchya doghankadun asech ajun navin navin natka baghayla nakki aavdel.

Priyanka Shembekar

Priyanka Shembekar said...

Hi.. Girish Sir and Mukta Barve,

khup khup dhanyawad evdhi sundar kalakruti aamha prekshkana dilya baddal. mi aaj 25.12.2012 roji nashik yethe natak baghitla, kharokhar khup apratim natak zala aahe. direction, story and acting saglyatch natak khup utkrushta zala aahe. specially end kharach khup chan zala aahe. tumchya doghankadun ajun navin navin natak baghyala nakki aavdel

Priyanka Shembekar

Dipika Kamble said...

Namaskar Sir,

Me aaj finally tumchi"Final Draft" he natak shivaji mandir ethe pahile...gele 3,4 athavde me wait karat hote ki mala kadhi he natak baghayla milel pan kadhi busy schedule mule velech nahi milala...today m very much happy to see this marathi play...

Kharach khup chan lihalay.Marathi natkana kharach garaj ahe asya script chi...
Sir tumhala n muktala abhinandan...

Asech lihat raha ani prekshkan samor navin navin sadar kara

All d Best

Dipika Kamble

Surendra More said...

On Friday 28th, I have seen the play- The Final Draft at Prabodhan Thakre Borivali...
Great Play, Impressive subject line- Pretty Unique. Good dailogues. Some points I would like to make
1.In the first half of the play wherein the teacher explains the details of writing a story and its parellel with real life was really impressive. That really throws light on the virtue of imagination in human life
2. Sorry to be littlebit more direct... but the second half of the play seemed littlebit Lame... the questions thrown at the teacher should have been more dramatized (since its a play) and dailogs would have been more pointed, articulate and emphatic to elaborate on the concept of the play in a strong manner so as to reach to the common audience for a hard hitting relevance in everyones lives. The way in which the teacher sits on the sofa and listens to the students pointed questions did not really stresses on the escapist attitude in the eye of the audience as what I see it.
3. The premises of the play is also slightly vague and pointing in many different directions like for e.g.
a. whether the play wants to reveal on the escapist attitude of the teacher.
b. whether the play wants to find a moral in the 'to thine own self be true' kind of an approach wherein one should be true to his own self of creativitiy and character rather than diluting due to professional predicaments
c. whether the human mind always tries to find solace in the imaginary world rather than the harsh realities surrounding them. and he is supposed to face them or supposed to bellittle them (as what the student does in the end when she sheds the realistic approach in her stories) or
d whether the great literary work is always lost in the dusty cupboards of the libraries

To be precise, the story was pointing in different directions, but no single direction seemed pivotal in the story line to anchor it.
Also the element of personal life to add to the emotional conflict in the lives of the character seemed too much fabricated to add to the emotional content
As far as the humor element goes it was packed in the right quantity and it didnt seemed go berserk as in many recent Marathi plays...
However really enjoyed the acting of both stalwarts. Nice to find a play with a really unique storyline

avinash biranje said...

mi kal tumacha ich.madhe natak pahila khup chan vatale .mast abhinav dhoghachahi tase mukta tai che kam chitrapatatun chanels var mi pahile aahe pahilyada girish sarache natak pahile natakatil suspence,tya vidyarinila likhanatun kalalela lekhak va paratekshat kalaela lekhak yat tila janvalelya gosti tiche savand apratim.lekhakala janvun dilelya bhavana tyachat paristitine zalela vicharacha badal mastch natya swarupat pahayala milala girish sir ,mukta tai va tumachya teamala khup shubhechya aani navin varshya dekhil shubhechya tumache navin natak bhaghayala mi utsuk aahe mastach .....

vishal said...

Dear Mukta,Yesterday in miraj you and Girish sir performance was outstanding,I hope final draft will make milestone and we people always enjoy it.thanks and all the best...

DJ Imran said...

Hii Girish ji and Mukta,

Parvach tumcha “Final Draft” cha prayog Ichalkaranji ethe 4 Jan 2013 la pahila. Mala to khup awadla. Mi jawalchya Kurundwad (15km) gawahun ratri kadakachya thandit Muktala pahayche mhanun eka mitrala sobat gheun alo hoto, pan prayog pahilya nantar Muktala visarunach gelo. Teacher and student itake lakshat rahile, ki kothehi watl nahi ki eka sine tarkacha prayog pahtoy!! Girishjincha ekdum genuine abhinay, tar Muktacha sajesa abhinay manat ghar karun jatat.

Nepathya and prakash yojana khas awadli.
Dhanyawad, amchi natkatil awad punha nirman kele baddal!!

Sudhir Kulaye(सुधीर कुळये) said...

आजच शिवाजी मंदिरला नाटक पाहिलं. खूप आवडलं! मुळातच सशक्त कथानक आणि सुंदर अभिनयामुळे लक्षात राहण्याजोग्या नाटकांपैकी एक वाटलं. कथा-संवाद-नाट्य-सिनेमा याविषयी फारसं ज्ञान नाही. आवडीने नाट्य, सिनेमे बघायचा छंदही आलिकडचाच. पण दर्जेदार कलाकृती सहज लक्षात येते. अलीकडेच "पथेर पांचाली" हा सत्यजित रे यांचा सिनेमा पाहिला, सिनेमा सुंदर आहे हे वेगळं सांगायची गरज नाही. मला आवडलं ते, त्या चित्रपटाची कथेतलं वळण! हे वळण अगदी शेवटच्या दृश्या (फ्रेम) पर्यंत संपत नाही. तसंच काहीसं तुमचं नाटक पाहून झाल्यावर वाटलं. नाटकातलं शेवटचं वाक्य जणू एक वर्तुळ पूर्ण करतं. असो, भविष्यात अजून अशीच दर्जेदार नाटकं रसिकांसाठी द्याल अशी शुभेच्छा देतो. - सुधीर कुळये

Shailendra said...

Final Draft... काल शिवाजी मंदिर (दादर) येथे नाटकाला जाण्याआधी नाटकाचा "ड्राफ्ट" internet वर वाचून गेलो होतो...गिरीश जोशी आणि मुक्ता फक्त दोनच कलाकार नाटकात आहेत म्हंटल्यावर वाटले एक वेगळे नाटक बघायची उत्तम संधी आहे. (तसे मुक्ताला "मुंबई पुणे मुंबई" ह्या चित्रपटात एक "protagonist" म्हणून पहायचा अनुभव होताच, त्यामुळे तिचे काम चांगलेच असेल ह्या बद्दल खात्री होतीच). नाटक बघताना प्रकर्षाने जाणवत होती ती "शिक्षक आणि विद्यार्थी" ह्यांच्यातील "chemistry". नाटकात असे बरेच क्षण होते जेंव्हा वाटायचे इकडे दोघांच्या आयुष्यातील काही गौप्यस्फोट बाहेर पडतील...आणि नाटकाला वेगळीच कलाटणी मिळेल. थोडे serious नाटक असूनही मध्येच दोघांच्या संवाद आणि हावभावामुळे विनोदचे क्षण वेळोवेळी अनुभवायला मिळाले. दोघांनाही बऱ्याच प्रसंगात जोरदार टाळ्याही मिळ्याल्या. शेवटचा मुक्ताने म्हणून दाखविलेला "Final Draft" आणि तो सांगताना तिचे हातांचे हावभाव तर नाटकाची बाजी मारून गेले.

गिरीश आणि मुक्ता दोघांनी खूपच छान रीतीने नाटक पुढे पुढे नेले आणि नाटक कधी संपले (म्हणजे वेळ कसा गेला) हे कळलेच नाही..दोघांनाही अनेक उत्तम शुभेच्छा !

Swapn said...

Really good drama....It was great experience to see you and Mukta on stage..

Best luck and best wishes...

Anonymous said...

i watched the play in the last week of Dec-12 in Borivali. I was seeing a marathi play almost after a decade. I had heard a lot about the play and the awards it had won. But frankly, I did not find the play gripping enough. I must admit that I am a big fan of Mukta's acting, but in the play, there were too less dialogues for her and most of time Girish only talks. It appears Mukta's dialogues are only to provide some comic relief in between the serious talks that Girish delivers and only an outburst left for her towards the end of the play. While, I must admit both have done a commendable job, but got the feeling that both the actors did not have equal weightage.

Gaurav Patki said...


Ganesh Jagtap. said...

खूप छान !!! अभिनंदन !!!

Gaurav Patki said...

Hi, amazing performance by both d actors... Mukta's acting ws just mesmerizing... I lykd d play. I hd few questions in mind-
1. Could u avoid d vlgr comment by mukta in d last scene ws it irrelevant?
2. Has d theme potential of dirghank?
Gud script n lights by girish... Nice play

Omkar Bagwe said...

I saw the FINAL DRAFT play on Saturday, 16/02/2013 at Shivaji Mandir dadar,

I like the show very much; the play is excellent by both STORY and PERFORMANCE.

I like the play as it gives LESSON at all stage and to all age people.

Both Shri Girish Joshi and Ms. Mukta Barve have done a great job, as they always known for.

Girish sir great STORY and DIRECTION.

I also learn many things from play and you.

All the very best for future shows.

Shripad Karandikar said...

yesterday 10th mar tumache natak baghitale. Frankly i am disappointed with the same. Khup nav aaikale aani bhrama niras zala. Mukta, actually tumhala khup kami dialouges aahet. Ajun asayala have hote. Girish , tumache kam chan aahe pan kadhi kadhi jast laud vatate. toch toch pana vatato. Natkat ajun barech kahi improve karave ase vatate. toch toch pana jast vatato. Sory jara honest mat dile aahe. Hope next drama will see improvement. Baki thik thik.

Shripad Karandikar

saurabh naitam said...

Mr Girish Joshi and Miss Mukta Barve...you are most talented actors..keep it on.


Anonymous said...

watched this wonderful play at Nagpur. As such I am a die-hard fan of Mukta, but Girish Joshi really amazed me. Its really difficult to keep audiance enthralled for three hours. But I observed everybody engrossed and enjoying every bit of it.Heartiest Congratulations Girish sir. It was awesome.

Vaishali Kilor, Napur.

Anonymous said...

Natak chhan hote.muktachi acting tar jabardast!khup divsanantar kahi vichar karayla lavnare natak baghayla milale.pan lambi thodi kami karayla havi.natak velevar suru karave hi vinanti.aaplyala khup sarya shubhechha!

Marathi natak premi said...


March 9th 2013 la bharat natya mandir yethe aaple ‘Final draft’ baghitle. Te manala khoop bhavle.Natkachi sanhita,katha,abhinay ya sarva goshti dergedar hotya.Script writing sarkha wegla subject natka sathi mandane,tyachi badhani direction acting ya sarvach goshti ekapeksha ek saras hotya.Kathechya protagonist babtche tumche savistar vivechan,tyavarchi pratikriya manhge Mukta Barvecha lajavab todch nahi asa abhinay. Kay kay aani kashakashache kautuk karave kalat nahi.Mukta Barvechi dehboli tar ti Janu ya bhomikesathich aahe ase vatle aapla aani Mukta Barvecha abhinay natkala khoop uanchivar neun thevto.Mumche sashkt likhan aani mukta Barvecha abhinay,natkala char chand lavle aahet.donach patre,donach aanki final draft baghun prekshak aanandat ghari parttat.Sanpurn consantration ne natkatil barkaavyanishi prekshak natkashi ekroop vahva yasathi pach varshakhalil mulana pravesh nahi hi suchna patli.Natkachi pahilya aankavarchi jabardast pakad dusrya aankat thodishi rengalte,pan any way final draft sarvarthane sundar aaniparipurn draft aahe .Asech vegle Vishay gheun prekshakana khoosh karave. Aplya pudhachya lekhan,direction,acting sarvach vatchalila mazya khoop khoop shubhech.Bhakti Barve nantar Mukta Barvechya rupane sashakt, Abhinetri Natyarasikana milali aahe aase vatate .Tichyahi pudachya vatchalila khup khup shubhechchya ani ashirvad


M-9850890641 PUNE

M. D. Ramteke said...

बिना पार्किंगचं नाट्यगृह.... गाडी बाहेर रस्त्यावर लावलेली अन दर दहा मिनटानी “उचलली तर नाही ना” या विचारानी धस्स व्हायचं. कशाला ठेवतात खेळ या नाट्यगृहात असं सारखं वाटायचं.

शेवटी एकदाचा पडदा उठला अन निराशा झाली.
गिरीश जोशी झोपलेला असतो, अलार्म वाजल्यावर तो ताडकन उठतो अन लाईट लावतो वगैरे जे सीन आहे त्यातील जोशींचं उठन, चालणं, दिवा लावणं यातलं काहीच अभिनयात बसणारं नाहिये. झोपेतून उठलेला माणूस अगदी कसाही चालला तरी कसं चालणार नाही हे जर दाखवायचं झालं तर मी या प्रसंगातील गिरीश जोशींकडे बोट दाखवून म्हणू शकतो की ’असा नक्कीच चालणार नाही’ एवढं ते विसंगत चालणं नि वावरणं.
हा सीन पाहून गाडीच्या धस्स मधे आजून एका धस्सची भर पडली. म्हटलं आज काही खरं नाही.


Anonymous said...

kiran said....

Excellent script by Girish Joshi.
great act by both Girish Joshi and Mukta Barve.
both are superb

pradnya chavan said...

watched the final draft at vishnudas bhave vashi on 24th march ie yesterday.liked the play though i feel mukta should have more dialogues..she was just outstanding,also i loved the dialogue where professor explains "why do we need stories" ..i wish there were more dialogues that would touch the audience..also too much talking of the professor was a turn off..but overall,i am glad i watched the play even hubby liked it though he doesnt like to watch serious plays in marathi..

Prachi said...

First of all thanks for bringing this play to Navi Mumbai since we are so deprived of such supreme quality creations.
Final Draft is the new food for mad thought! The protagonist keeps shifting throughout the play. It's the Sir' in the first half, then 'her' (the names are really so not necessary!). But the real protagonist is the 'creative mind' which keeps struggling between the commercial and the original face. So true for any creative field.
Congrats and thanks once again!

Prachi Deshpande Merchant

Nivrutti Shingole said...


Aaj date 9 may 2013 la me p thakray madhe fianal draft cha show pahila...ani kharach mala khup avdala. he natak maze pahile natak aahe je me mukatche aahe mhanun pahile...kharach mala khup avdle natak...kharach sangayache zale tar mala he natak mazya wife sobat pahayache hote pan tee pregnant aaslya karnane tee yeu shakli nahi..pan me tila nakkich dakhavnar......me tar muktacha khup motha darshak aahe ..aani mazi wife hi aahe...aamchya doghankadun khup subhechh..

nivrutti shingole


sanket borkar said...

Dear Both,(Girish Sir and Mukta Madam),

First of all thanks for creating blogspot, Me pahili mazi olakh karun deto.
Me Sanket A. Borkar, Age – 26, Living in Lalbaug, (M-09324001003)
9th May 2013 la Prabodhankaar thakrey la me mazya mitrabarobar naatak baghayla aalo hoto.Identification sathi photo attach karun paathwtoy.

“Final Draft” Naatak mala Manaapasun aawadte. Suruwaatila 2004 Saali me hey Naatak Baghitle hote (That time I was in 12th std) tewha pasun mala naatakache Wed laaglay ani aaj paryant wedyasarkha me naataka baghat aaloy.
”Sahi re Sahi” Pasun Sunl Barve hyanchya “Harberium” sakat aatachi sagali nahi pan barich Naatke baghitaliy me.
Mukta Barve Kinwa Girsh Joshi Kuthehi asot, As an Actor or Writer or as an any Part.of project. Me te Naatak/Serial/Picture baghatoch.

Girish Saraanche “Maakdachya Hathi Champagne” “;Love Birds”,”Kaatkon Trikone”;”Kaaksparsh” ashi anek creativity cha anubhav na visarnyasarkhach ahe.

Mukta Barvenche “Kabaddi Kabaddi”;”Chakwa (Movie)”;pasun Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta” Sagalach Zabardast Aahet.

Realy Marathi Industry madhale Tumhi Doghe Mazyasathi ICON aahat.

12th la astana mala Naatkache ewadha kalat nasale tari Tumhi create kelelya “Bhaavna”
Angaawar yenyarya shaharya barobar pochat hotya Karan asaa experience baryach kaalanantar lokanparynt pochat asaawa.Thanks to create craze in my mind.

Shabdaanche khel bhaavnanbarobar uttam ritine Mandalyet. angaawar yenyara kata Ghhalawnyasathi me FINAL DRAFT aaj paryant 7 wela Baghitle pan To kaata ajunahi yetoch (Khaas karun Girish Joshinchya Shewatchya Dialoug chya weli) Mukta Barve tar aaj Mazyasathi ek ICON mhamunach aahe ani tya shewat paryant asatil.

Mukta Madam Thanks for your Autograph And Photograph. Maaze ek Swapna Purna Zaale. Manaatli Baryach warshapurvichi Ichha purn zalya saarkhe waatatay aaj mhanun me he ase man mokale panaane lihatoy . kadaachit tumhala me weda waatat asen tari chaalel malaa. Tumhala bhetalyawar Me totally blank zalo hoto. Kaai Bolaawe tech kalat navhate mhanun mattha saarkha tumhala baghatch Raahilo. Mala je bolayche ahe te hya blog dwarey ichha purna kartoy. I hope me je lihatoy te tumachya paryant pohachel ashi Laalbaugchya Rajala Prarthana Karto.Ajun Barach ahe saangayla pan ewadhyawarch thambto.

Suggestion –
Ewadhach ki Girish Saraani “Final Draft 2” Kadhawe.Jar “Final Destination” che 5 part yeu shaktaat tar “Final Draft” che ka Nako? Naatak khup chhalel.
Mukta Madam Plz one more Naatak for one more autograph and photograph.
Actully “Harberium”chya project madhye me tumchi waat baghat hoto Classical role madhye Tumhi khup uthun disalaa astaa.
Lihataana kahi chukale asel tar Maaf karaa.

Have a Good Life to both of you.

ruchi said...

i finally watched this play today (18th may) at gadkari , thane(didnt get a chance till now coz o live at hostel!!)

and i loved it... especially mukta's part ... coz her character reminded mi of a girl who used to come to our house for mom's tuition... and believe me she behaved just the way mukta's character did ... the way she talked , stood , sat , her stubbornness... her habit of justifying every action of hers... no matter with whom u r talking .. , what u r talkin , if u r right or wrong...nothing.. (ani ho ti nak ani gham pan ashich pusaychi!!!!)

i liked the script,...
cudos to both the actors..
keep up the good work!!!!!!

k k desai said...

We, myself and my wife, watched ‘Final Draft’ 11 a.m. show at Prabodhankar yesterday. (25.05.2013).
We were simply held spellbound and awestruck. We felt extremely impressed. The watching of the play
was a surreal experience. It gives you a totally different kind of experience which is very hard to describe
in mere words. Certain things are very hard to describe, they have to be felt from inside and most of such
times words fail you to do their job. Good things are to be appreciated and your drama is better than the

The story, the acting, the play, the background music, everything is superb. The trouble your people
are taking to give us such kind of entertainment, the pure joy of it is simply commendable. The story line
is simple, characters are limited, still the play is gripping and it leaves a powerful impact on your mind.
And of course, the credit for this goes to the extremely powerful acting of both Girish Joshi and Mukta
Barve. They don’t act, they live their roles. Every single moment of this play is worth watching and
worth living.

It is extremely easy to criticize but very difficult to praise great things and great efforts. When you are
sure, confident, dedicated and passionate about your mission, you produce something out of this world
like this. Your efforts definitely deserve extreme praise and huge appreciation. Your choice of Mukta
Barve as a female actor is most appropriate. It is very difficult to imagine anybody else in her shoes.

Mukta is a complete actor. She is very charismatic, appealing and magnetic. She is both extremely
simple and extremely charming at the same time. She has a powerful screen presence as well. She has
powerfully portrayed the character of the girl as well as all the all the aspects of the character in a very
subtle manner. She is a dream to Marathi stage and film industry. I really don’t have words to praise
and appreciate her in a proper manner. All the very best for her career.

I wish all the best to the entire team of ‘Final Draft’ and hope that you will definitely come out with
many more entertainments like this.

K K Desai

Nayana Chitte said...


kaal gadkari rangayatan madhya FINAL DRAFT cha prayog pahila.. sukhad dhakka basla.. 2 parti natak evdha effective ani sundar hou shakta he pahilyanda anubhavayla milala... girish sir ani mukta Di ne aflatun abhinay kelay... kharokhar mind blowing... khup chhan hota..... all the best 4 ur further success.......

Akash Mavle said...

Hi Girish,

I am from COEP, 1995, Avianash Taware's batch !
FinalDraft is amazing. Me and my wife we enjoyed it.

But I was expecting a "Girya" touch and lot of twists/turns and surprises !
Akash Mavle

Ashwini Katdare said...

This is Ashwini posting these comments from Pune.
Mi natak baghitla...pan agdi khara sangaicha tar mala zeplach nahi...mhanje nakki kai conclusion asava...kalla nahi.Hymadhe I am not atall criticizing the drama or any body..Pan kadachit mi kuthetari nakki kami padte aahe te samjun ghyalla. so itka spashta comment lihinyamagcha karan mhanje mala na samajlela samjun ghena evdhach aahe. I am not atall challenging any bodies contribution. But realized my limitataions to analysize such great output...so wrote you clearly and nothing else!
Pl don't take it rude and don't misunderstand me...Thanks and all the very best...Ashwini.

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